Wabash MPI hydraulic and pneumatic presses

Seller is Wabash Metal Products Inc d/b/a Wabash MPI

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Wabash MPI Videos

Shaft Seal Manufacturer Call on Wabash MPI for Top Knockdown Press Feature

Federal-Mogul Corporation Athens needed a press able to remove the company’s shaft seal parts after they were pressed. Failing to find a company offering such a press, Federal-Mogul turned to Wabash MPI for help in designing such a machine. The facility in Athens, AL already utilizes several Wabash presses. Wabash was able to design a press with the top knockdown/part discharge feature Federal-Mogul needed to produce these shaft seals. CLICK HERE for the whole story.

Corporate Video

Wabash Standard Genesis Overview

Wabash Genesis Enhanced Control Overview