Wabash MPI hydraulic and pneumatic presses

Seller is Wabash Metal Products Inc d/b/a Wabash MPI

Standard & Custom

Press Leaders

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Wabash-Carver Testing Lab

Testing lab

Wabash MPI/Carver, Inc. has a dedicated testing laboratory for application testing and development to determine press specifications. This lab includes a variety of equipment, including our MicroLIM™ liquid silicone injection machine and other compression presses. Please feel free to contact us with your application or to discuss your R&D requirements.

Laboratory Equipment

MicroLIM™ liquid silicone injection machine.

ML17H-9-6 with Graco 622 Meter Mix:

  • 17 ton compression force (adjustable)
  • 9" L-R x 9" F-B fully guided electrically heated work area, 400°F maximum operating temperature
  • 3" open daylight
  • 4" stroke clamp cylinder
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix™ programmble controller with PanelView C600 color touch screen operator interface includes:
    • Clamp pressure
    • Platen temperature
    • Programmable shot size from less than 1cc to 15cc
    • Menu driven screens for easy navigation
  • Graco 622 Meter Mix using 22 oz. Semco cartridges (A+B)
  • 20 oz. EFD Cartridge with pressure pot (also available)


Genesis Series Press.


  • 1,000 lbs. force - 28 ton compression force (adjustable)
  • 15" L-R x 15" F-B fully guided heated/cooled platens
  • 500°F maximum operating temperature
  • 12" open daylight
  • 6" stroke
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix™ 1200 programmble controller with PanelView 550 touch screen operator interface
  • Closed-loop control of clamp pressure
  • Closed-loop control of platen temperature
  • Programmable platen cooling
  • Six channel, Yokogawa digital chart recorder for data collection of:
    • Upper and lower platen temperature
    • Clamp force


Autofour press from Carver.


  • Clamping force: 30 tons (minimum 1,000 lbs)
  • Daylight opening: 0"-12", Factory set @ 4-1/2"
  • 6" stroke
  • Two 12" x 12" electrically heated platens cored for air & water cooling
  • Automatic platen cooling, including manifolds & hoses
  • Temperature range up to 650°F (343°C)
  • 10 recipe storage capability
  • 20 programmable setpoints of clamp force, cure time and temperature per recipe. Programmable in units of pounds (also available in Kg, US Tons and Metric Tons). Automatic bump sequence can be programmed in any/all segments
  • Programmable temperature units of degree F or C